Stormrider Live at Graspop 2005
Graspop 2005, what a show !! We were invited to play late at night, when the headliner Slipknot was playing, we started our set in one of the Marquees. We played a set of approx. 2 hours and the public went crazy ! What a blast !!! See below pictures from this awesome show:

Look at that crowd !


Marcel in the middle of a wild solo

Dennis from Severe Torture singing with us, he sings the songs Spiritual healing by Death and sometimes also Inner Self by Sepultura

Marcel Coenen during Spiritual Healing

Menno Corbeek singing with us, he did Inner Self by Sepultura.

Marcel, photo taken from the crowd

Bandshot from the crowd

Marcel Coenen, taken from the crowd again

Stocky screaming high

What a show this was, so awesome, thanks to everyone who was there and made our day !